silent sunday: cedar key, florida

Tony’s, famous for their clam chowder.

ice cream du jour: cinnamon peach ice cream

I experimented with the ice cream maker again this weekend. Last weekend, I got impatient and tried to rush the process. And, like most good things, rushing through it didn’t pay off. My fudge ripple ice cream was not what I hoped, even though the kids happily ate the imperfect creation.

This weekend, the flavor du jour was peach. Our markets are overflowing with peaches now, so peach ice cream just made good sense.

silent sunday: monterey bay, california

the pacific ocean, their first time

deer, hanging out at the pebble beach golf course

jellyfish, at the monterey bay aquarium

Photos taken along 17 Mile Drive, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and on the beach at our hotel in Monterey, California.