Hi there. I started the merry gourmet in 2010 as a food blog, a place for me to share recipes and document my experiences learning to cook and bake.

In 2004, I began teaching myself to cook. I was the mother of an infant daughter at the time, and I realized that she would eventually learn to cook — or not cook — from me. I wanted to set a good example, not just by knowing how to turn ingredients into a meal, but by cooking good food, and by cooking from scratch as much as possible.

Over the years, the merry gourmet has evolved and grown, as I have. It’s not just about the recipes any longer. Here you’ll find a collection of  stories about food, life, and family.



* Updated 2/28/2018 *

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I’ve spoken at the IFBC New Orleans in 2011, the TECHmunch Tampa in April 2012, BlogHer Food 2013 in Austin, and the Food and Wine Conference in Orlando in July 2014.

I’ve been featured in a variety of places on the web. Here’s a sampling of them.