napa valley, california: eats and drinks

Last Tuesday I celebrated my birthday by spending the evening at home with my family, then, once the kids were in bed, packing up a suitcase to head to the Napa Valley with my sweetie. We left our kids at home in capable hands and headed off to California on Wednesday. The weather didn’t entirely cooperate, so I didn’t get to take as many photos as I’d hoped, but the trip was spectacular regardless.

We’ve been blessed with the friendship of some wonderful people who are, as they say in wine country, In The Business. Luckily, these are friends who never seem to mind letting us tag along on their wine trips. And from my¬† limited experience, traveling to wineries and vineyards with someone in the wine industry is a whole heck of a different experience than the alternative.

We drank incredible wines, ate some pretty great food, and saw some fabulous sights out there. Below are some snapshots of some of the meals and wine tastings we went to. Part of my brain – or is it my heart? – is still back in Yountville. Come along with me for just a few minutes and I’ll take you there.

If you click through each photo, it will take you to my Flickr account where you can read more about it.

old vines

harvested grapes

roast chicken

butternut squash soup

silver oak

rainy day in napa






pan-seared salmon at cia

padron peppers


mushroom risotto

oakville reds


oakville lunch


napa valley

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