beautiful things: teuscher chocolates

Two years ago, while in Chicago on a business trip, I managed to squeeze in some shopping time. I mean, it is Chicago, right? The home of the Magnificent Mile? Shopping is inevitable in Chicago. On that trip, though, I only bought one thing. Chocolates. Teuscher chocolates, to be specific.

I discovered the Teuscher Chocolates store quite by accident, and my taste for specialty chocolates has not been the same since.

Their specialty is the champagne truffle, and it is seriously the most decadent and luxurious truffle I have ever tasted.

The champagne truffle is one that you’ll want to sit and savor. It is not a chocolate that you pop in your mouth while carrying on a conversation or watching television. This truffle demands focus.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood of a Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland store, I highly recommend stopping in and buying some. And then sit for a while and enjoy.

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10 Responses to “beautiful things: teuscher chocolates”

  1. 1
    Katty's Kitchen — June 13, 2010 @ 1:41 pm

    I, too, love Teuscher’s champagne truffles (what is not to love!). They no longer make the alcoholic filled jewels anymore, do they? I loved those, too. Nice perk of business travel! 🙂

  2. 2
    Sonalee — June 13, 2010 @ 3:15 pm

    Try the bailey’s trufffle too… Mmmm

  3. 3
    Mari — June 13, 2010 @ 3:20 pm

    If you like those you should try Neuchatel Chocolates (also Swiss).

  4. 4
    Jason Phelps — June 13, 2010 @ 6:37 pm

    Stop making my hungry!

    I had a chocolate today at a local wine fest made with one of the winemakers wine. I haven’t yet figured out where it came from yet, but it was so good.


  5. 5
    Jen — June 15, 2010 @ 12:13 pm

    I love love love the champagne truffles! I discovered them in NYC. There is a shop right by the tree in Rockafeller center! This chocolate by far is my favorite, but at over $60 a lb I can only afford to get a little bit at a time, but it makes them so special! I hope I get to NYC soon!

    • 5.1
      merrygourmet — June 15, 2010 @ 12:29 pm

      Jen – Yep. These are pricey, so you have to be very selective and make them last. I’ve become an expert at making a box of truffles last a loooong time. 😉

  6. 6
    Jessica — June 15, 2010 @ 12:31 pm

    These sound so delicious! I’m afraid though, that if I taste them I will be ruined for life and I most definitely cannot afford to be hooked on these! lol

  7. 7
    Magic of Spice — June 15, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

    Oh my, beautiful things is right! These are divine…

  8. 8
    Joy — June 17, 2010 @ 10:07 pm

    OMG those looks so good. I can’t wait to go there 😀 I don’t believe I have never heard of them before. Did you have fun while you were here? I adore Chicago 😀

  9. 9
    Katie — November 21, 2011 @ 11:51 pm

    I love love love chocolate that comes in a box… especially those chocolates coated with even more chocolate, or drizzed with raspberry cream, or infused with caramel sauce… love love LOVE!

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